All Aboard takes technical and administrative measures in line with the risks of the processing of the personal data, to ensure the safety of your personal data.

Personal data is any and all information which may be linked to you directly or indirectly (i.e. together with other data), for example name, email, personal ID number, and travel and purchasing history.

We will only process your personal ID number where clearly warranted for the purpose, necessary for secure identification, or where there is some other earnest reason. We always minimize the use of your personal ID number to the greatest extent possible.

Your personal data is only saved as long as needed to fulfil the purposes of the processing, or as long as we are obligated by law to save the data. After this, your data is erased or de- identified in a secure manner so that it can no longer be connected to you.

All processing of personal data by All Aboard is carried out based on a legal basis, for example that the processing is necessary to perform a contract with you or for All Aboard to be able to perform a legal obligation.

Your privacy is important to us which is why we place security at the forefront. We take measures in order to protect your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and established information security guidelines. This means that we protect your data through technical solutions, for example encryption of information, as well as organizational routines and rules, for example authorization controls, adapted to the nature of the personal data processing.

All Aboard never sells your personal data to a third party. We only share your information with the suppliers and partners we use to provide our services.

We may also disclose personal data to public authorities as requested  if it is required by law.

When you purchase tickets, we handle the following information which you personally provide to us:

  • Your name (and the names of any passengers traveling with you) and your contact information
  • Your personal ID number or passport number, for example when you purchase an product where such information is required
  • Information regarding your journey, travel and purchasing history, for example time of departure, destination, ticket type, seat, additional services, purchasing channel, method of payment, price, journey destination and basis for any additional fees
  • Information regarding the need for assistance or wheelchair space during the journey, where such information is required
  • Information regarding payment and payment history
  • Information regarding response history (if you click on an email or read messages)

We handle your personal data in order to:

  • Handle and deliver what you have purchased in accordance with our purchasing and travel terms and conditions, for example by providing your journey or the product you have purchased
  • Charge for the journey, supplemental services, or goods in the Bistro, including handling bank card payments
  • In order to discover, and prevent, fraud in conjunction with bank card payments
  • Identify you as a traveller, for example in conjunction with ticket checks
  • Accommodate your needs for a passenger assistance escort or wheelchair space in conjunction with travel
  • Notify you regarding changes in the journey, for example in the event of delays or changes in departure times
  • Market our services and products, for example by email and text messages and, through use of the response history review whether campaigns and messages are relevant
  • Accommodate your wishes regarding advertising
  • Produce statistics regarding purchases of travel and goods, to improve our services

You can choose to communicate with All Aboard in many different ways, for example via social media, in FAQ forums, opinion functions, or in chats, telephone conversations, and emails with our Customer Services.

When you communicate with us, we process data which you personally provide to us, for example:

  • Name and contact information
  • Information regarding your views, questions, or matters

We process your personal data in order to:

  • Answer questions and handle your matters, for example addressing defects, handling complaints, questions regarding bookings and lost property
  • Deliver information which you have ordered, for example annual reporting and sustainability reporting
  • Improve our services and the information we provide and publish on our website
  • Analyse telephone conversations in order to improve our service

We process your personal data for our, and your, legitimate interest in administering your matter (weighing of interests). When your questions relate to a future or completed journey, we process your personal data on performance of a contract. We save your personal data for up to 12 months after the matter is closed in order to ensure traceability in your communications with us.

In addition to the provisions described above, in certain cases we process your personal data when we have a legal obligation, for example due to our bookkeeping obligation, obligations which follow from transportation law legislation, or upon request from a public authority. In these cases, a legal obligation is most often the legal basis supporting the processing of the personal data however, in certain cases, we may disclose data to a public authority, for example, the police, or a court based on a weighing of interests. This may be the case in relation to, e.g. police reports or in connection with searches after missing persons by the police or for the purpose of protecting All Aboard’s rights in a matter before a court or other public authority.

In addition, based on a weighing of interests, All Aboard may disclose information to parties other than public authorities where necessary to protect All Aboard’s rights. The forgoing may, e.g., be in relation to an insurance company or other party against which All Aboard has brought a claim or is defending a claim.